Milktart / Melktert

South African Milktart — Easy steps!

Milktart / Melk Tert

South African Milktart — Easy steps!

Making the base

Step 1

Blend some biscuits & enough butter together to make a smooth paste.

I use Marie biscuits or Tennis biscuits, but any similar biscuit will do.


Step 2

Spread this paste thin onto your dish of choice.

Glass Pie Dish

Step 3

Leave in fridge for base to harden a bit.

next, while the base is chilling, we can do the filling…

Making the filling

Step 1

Boil 1 litre milk & 2 heaped tablespoons of butter

Step 2

While you wait for the above to boil, whisk the following all together in another bowl:

100ml Milk

4 eggs

3 Tablespoons corn flour (heaped)

3 Tablespoons flour (heaped)

Pinch of salt

Teaspoon vanilla essence

1 cup sugar (250ml)

Step 3

Slowly pour the above mixture (thin stream) into the boiling pot.

Whisk entire mixture whilst you pour.

Step 4

Continue to whisk until thick (around 15min)

Step 5

Pour filling onto base

Step 6

Sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Step 7

Leave inside fridge overnight.

Final product — Milktart! or Melk Tert vir die afrikaners!